Parking lot

Parking lot - 1 (2)


It may seem strange but I love going to this parking lot because of the palm trees and hillside. We had a beautiful cloudy morning and I was happily waiting in the parking lot before the stores opened. I wanted to convey how the trees and sky rise above and contrast with the cars and building. I was on the third sketch and not coming close to doing justice to my plan when I remembered that I could use both sides of my small 5 X 8 inch sketchbook in a portrait orientation and capture the rise of the hills, trees and sky above the cars in the lot. This sketch comes closer to what I wanted. Unfortunately, my scanner is too small for the 16-inch height. I had to use a photo and the colors do not reproduce as well as I would like.

I drew in ink and watercolor.

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2 Responses to Parking lot

  1. artyvelarde says:

    you inspire me so much. I love how you paint.


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