Can’t stop thinking

Now that's an idea - 1

I notice that I have a theme running off and on through my blog entries, the theme of exploring the ways people work to understand elusive ideas. This sketch goes back to this theme again.

This time I wanted to show how the beauty of an idea causes the thinkers to be captivated by it.  I began by repeatedly sketching the same two figures and then made a plan to guide a final sketch. First I wanted to show what the two were doing and feeling and used exaggeration to make it clear for the viewer. Both figures are animated, both have lively expressions and both have their eyes glued to the computer.  Next I needed to add the kind of detail that showed they are working on an idea at home and not watching a video on the computer. The book was added to suggest they were working on an idea, the dishes to suggest they were so engaged that they worked through a meal, the vase and flowers to show the location is likely a home, and the bright light behind them to show that the beautiful December day cannot compete with their idea.

I drew in ink and watercolor.


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2 Responses to Can’t stop thinking

  1. Rebecca says:

    Sarah..this is sooo good. You can almost hear their minds commuticating to each other.


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