Ski slope 2



My main goal for this blog is to learn to convey a message by using image. I came closer in today’s sketch to expressing the feeling of skiing but drawing snow continues to challenge me. The cloudy skies don’t cast much shadow which makes it hard to show shape and distance. I made some progress when I noticed that what I thought was flat white actually has shape that is defined by subtle variation in color. In today’s sketch I used flat washes to show the way the snow mounds. To show distance I included the line of lift towers and to show motion I blurred the skiers.

This sketch began with a quick sketch on the ski slope. Later I transferred it to watercolor paper and added color. Finally I used Procreate to make adjustments.

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2 Responses to Ski slope 2

  1. Anna says:

    Interesting to see the progress since yesterday. I like the clouds, too.


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