Snowscape 3



I continued to work today on drawing snow from my hotel room window, a much warmer place for sketching than the ski slope. I began with six 5-minute sketches with a goal of letting my hand and eye work together to build my intuition. I studied the results, puzzling through how to give depth and dimension without strong light and shadow. Google came to my rescue by showing me the snowscapes of many artists across the world and centuries. I drew several more sketches and eventually became more comfortable with the muted, blurred lighting by using a softer line, grayer colors, and more vegetation for contrast.

I sketched in pencil and watercolor and then imported a photo of it into Procreate where I added layers, luminescence, and three figures.

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2 Responses to Snowscape 3

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love this…it’s so tranquil bringing back memories of walking across campus on a winter’s morning with the promise of warmth approaching.


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