Reading on a plane

Reading on a plane - 1 (1)

On the two- hour flight home this morning I sat near a man who read the whole time. He was a perfect model for a quick sketch in Procreate. One of my major learning goals is to convey a story through images and I wanted to tell a story of a man making good use of the flight time by reading. My attention was caught by how relaxed he was despite the small space. This shows in his long arm that is wrapped around the book and the way he sinks back into his seat.

I sketched completely in Procreate.


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3 Responses to Reading on a plane

  1. Beverly Barrett says:


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  2. G says:

    i love this one in particular because at first it’s very abstract — just a general sense of spiral. and then suddenly it snapped into an intelligible image, and a really good one, at that. the dimensions feel right. even now if i squint i can see a landscape with blue cliffs and a white boulder, or perhaps blue curbs and a white snowmound.


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