Minor flooding

Minor flood - 1 (1)

We arrived home in San Diego yesterday after heavy rains earlier this week. Rain had come in through the sliding doors and we had quite a puddle on the slate floor. Luke thought it was the best tasting water ever but we moved the table and chairs aside and dried it up anyway.

One of my learning goals is to do more story creation by altering what I see in front of me. I thought that drawing Luke and the dining area and recreating the puddle would make an easy story to sketch. However, my puddles looked like rugs no matter how much I tried. I finally gave in and went to the Internet to study up on puddles. It seems that the water area needs reflective glints and the rest of the floor has to have a matt finish.

Digital sketching turns out to be an awesome learning tool. I was able to keep my original sketch of Luke, the bookshelves and walls throughout the whole process of getting a convincing puddle and just keep working on the puddle area until I was satisfied.

I sketched in Procreate.

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5 Responses to Minor flooding

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Wow this is really reflective

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Definitely something wet on the floor. Luke loves water! Love this.


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  4. Karen says:

    Whats with all these water leaks? Our house was flooded by the water heater and we’re getting all new flooring. I like the purple walls.


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