Restoration - 1 (1)

I began this sketch in late December and finished it today. One of my learning goals is to communicate ideas through the way I use images and I worked on this sketch today with this goal in mind. Over the holidays our home was full of activity. I caught this moment of rest in the late afternoon as we all paused to recoup before an evening of food and games. Although I liked the original sketch, it did not capture the story of two connected people cooperatively resting up and reenergizing.

I used Procreate to make changes to the original sketch. To emphasize the individual nature of rest, I pushed the left figure back on the page, so each is clearly separate, each is engaged in an individual activity, and neither is interacting.  To show that both figures are cooperatively resting, I emphasized their similarities by having both look at their computers in the same way, by using the same colors for their clothing, and by having both sit at the same table.

The original sketch is an ink drawing. It was scanned into Procreate for further changes.


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