Fighting Jet Lag

Sketch of a sleepy man by Sarah Sullivan

Fighting Jet Lag

If you traveled for twenty-four hours, had a meal, did a little sight seeing, and then worked on a tough puzzle with your father, this is what your body language might look like as you fight jet lag. The focused gaze and wrinkled forehead suggest thinking; the head holding, eyes closing, and slumped posture indicate the need to sleep.

This is a pen and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper.

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5 Responses to Fighting Jet Lag

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love this..and remember fighting the “fog”, trying ever so hard to be on the current time zone not the one I flew away from. You totally captured the mission malfunction of jet lag!!.


  2. Rebecca says: correct.. mis-malfunction.


  3. Guy says:

    Very nice work


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