Ideas and Discussion

Sketch of 2 men thinking by Sarah Sullivan

Ideas and Discussion

What is a vacation if not an opportunity to work on solving a problem of mutual obsession? Or better yet, an opportunity to sketch a type of interaction, people learning together, that has long fascinated me?

The body language of the two figures convey that collaborative learning is in progress. The figures are turned to face each other and form a triangle with the computer, indicating that information is being exchanged through language, facial feedback, and the computer. The manner in which the two figures lean on their arms suggest that the idea being explored is not yet understood in a common way. The speaker holds his forehead while he speaks to indicate puzzlement and openness. The figure on the left listens with his eyes on the speaker, showing receptivity, but he also leans with his arm and lifts his shoulder to indicate he needs to add to the idea.

This is pen and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper.




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2 Responses to Ideas and Discussion

  1. Karen says:

    We read this entry and then looked at each other. We were sitting by the computer leaning in.


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