Sketch of People at a cafe in Caesarea

Saturday at Caesarea

We sadly left David and Tara at the airport and then went on north to Caesarea National Park, the site of a once grand old harbor and city that was built, destroyed, and rebuilt by just about every group that ever ruled the area. The park was full of people enjoying the spring day, the sights and each other.

We stopped at a cafe overlooking the harbor. As I sketched in the warmth I fought off sleep. You may notice that my sleepiness is projected onto most of the figures. While this was not exactly an accurate depiction of their mood, it does tell a common story of what can happen on a warm spring afternoon. And conveying a story through images is one of my goals.

This is a pen and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper. I used Procreate, an app on my iPad, to darken the figures and foreground.

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