A Kindred Spirit

A Kindred Spirit

A Kindred Spirit

Every now and then I meet someone who has a way of seeing the world that just clicks with me. In this case I met a long retired educator who still feels the fire for putting the power of education into the minds and hearts of every child.

Her body language was amazing. Her posture, hands, face and words were in harmony and worked together to leverage her impact. We laughed a lot but what moved me most was when she sat up even straighter,  put her hand over her heart and told me of her disappointments. I love passionate educators!

This is a pen, paper and iPad sketch.


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7 Responses to A Kindred Spirit

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:


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  3. Rebecca says:

    One can see wisdom in this lady and feel the passion emitt8 from her. Fantastic!

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  4. Anna says:

    The angle of the face and its juxtaposition with the hand, and in-tilted body language plus engaged outward-turned attention, is somehow moving.


  5. Ann M Lewis says:

    Lovely! I can see the passion! Didn’t draw Tuesday. Went to the PTA meeting for the election of the new officers. Our current rainbow board has now been ousted by the blond professional women. This group signed up 50 friends to join PTA and they all came and voted. Very sad as none of them are members of our community. Not sure what next year will feel like or look like. Very sad. Love the drawings. Keep them coming. Four more IEPs to go and then there will be a little less paper work! Annie



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