Happy Passover!

Sketch of a huge red sculpture by Alexander Calder

Sketch of Alexander Calder’s Huge Red Sculpture, ‘Homage to Jerusalem’

I went several times in the past three months to sketch the enormous sculpture by Alexander Calder but ended up sketching the incredible view that the sculpture frames out across the Jerusalem Forest. The sculpture sits in a large plaza over an underground commuter parking lot at the start of the light rail line. It totally dominates the access to many of sights I sketched and blogged about including  Yad Veshem, the National Cemetery, Ein Kerem, the Jerusalem Forest and the light rail.

While there are many landmarks that would be wonderful images for Passover greetings, for me the Calder ‘Homage to Jerusalem’ captures the Passover wish for peace, happiness, prosperity and beauty. I wish you all a Happy Passover!

This is a marker and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper.

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