Enjoying the Wait

Waiting for the Restaurant to Open

Waiting For the Restaurant to Open in Barcelona

Sometimes you meet awesome people while waiting in line. Tonight we met a trio from Holland and I got a chance to sketch them a bit before their turn to enter the restaurant. They were young, well educated, and spoke English fluently. They had an easy way of speaking to each other that made them attractive and interesting to us.  I show their relationship with each other by capturing their animated facial expressions and show their importance to each other by making the other people in line blend into the background.

This sketch began as a pen and ink drawing on watercolor paper in the line outside the restaurant. Later I imported the sketch into Procreate and Snapseed on my iPad and added the color.

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2 Responses to Enjoying the Wait

  1. Anna says:

    The fellow in the foreground has a Niel Gaimon flavor, somehow.


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