On the Train to Montserrat Spain


On the Train to Montserrat

On the Train to Montserrat

The Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat Spain is a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike.  It is located at the top of a mountain chain and features a beautiful old church, monastery, abandoned hermitages, views and hiking. The way up the 3,500 foot mountain is steep and most people get there by train, cable car or funicular.  The six of us went to Montserrat today and my sisters posted some amazing photos of our trip to Facebook, which I shared on my FB page as well.

As we traveled the 90 minutes to Montserrat from Barcelona I sketched a fellow passenger. Her pensive body language caught my eye, especially the way she leaned forward, rested her mouth on her hand, held her knapsack and frowned as she looked out the window. I thought she seemed worried and I wanted to capture the look in a sketch.

This began as a pen and watercolor sketch done on the train. Later I made some adjustments to the background textures and color with Procreate.

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