Umbrellas at the Beer Garden

Umbrellas at the Beer Garden

Umbrellas at the Beer Garden

The umbrellas against the evening sky at this beer garden in Chemnitz caught my eye and I wanted to capture it. By the time I added in people, tables and trees it distracted from the umbrellas against the setting sun but the sketch was more true to the spirit of the beer garden. I like that the groups of people appear to be actively interacting with each other.

It has been awhile since I was in Germany and I had to update my beer garden concept when we went out. I remember beer gardens from 30 years ago as outdoor places with long wooden tables where lots of people sat together sharing pitchers of beer, eating sausages, talking, and listening to lively music. The beer garden we visited in Chemnitz is more like an upscale outdoor restaurant with a full menu and individual tables- no more sharing tables with strangers. But even with the changes, the beer garden is still a charming place to linger and enjoy the long summer evening with friends.

This is a pencil and iPad sketch.


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  1. such a summery drawing – love it!


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