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Abstract of German Sheep in a Field

Before we move on in the morning, I had to walk out to the fields along the edge of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and sketch the sheep one last time.

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Eibsee and Bike

This was probably too ambitious a composition-cloudy sky, mountains, lake, bike, and a bench with a person, but before I leave Bavaria I wanted to have a sketch that shows it all. So, I worked to captures the incredible beauty … Continue reading

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Cows and Clouds

I am getting a kick out of painting cows here in Bavaria. Just about every walk away from the center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen offers the opportunity to sketch these beautiful animals. It is still rainy and the sky is filled with … Continue reading

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Bavarian Sheep

It was a wild and rainy day today here near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the sheep who yesterday were at the far edge of their pasture were back in the center. It may be that with their heavy coats that a warm … Continue reading

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Bavarian Cows

Yesterday evening as we walked through the Bavarian countryside at dusk, we came across a flock of sheep. The sheep lifted their heads and stared us down and I was charmed by them. So I planned to return today with … Continue reading

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Drawing in the Bavarian Alps

I have somehow made it from Denmark to Bavaria in Southern Germany without posting a single sketch. Fortunately, I will have lots of time this week to sketch and hope to learn something about painting alpine scenes. This 12 X … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

We drove north from Bonn late this afternoon and stopped much later in Flensburg for the night. Since this was not a good day for sketching, I decided to post some sketches from the past week. One of the pleasures … Continue reading

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Bonn Beer Garden

Bonn Beer Garden We are in Bonn visiting an old friend. The weather is gorgeous and we took a long walk through the pedestrian area in the city center. Later we stopped at a beer garden for a drink and … Continue reading

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German Landscape

We drove today from Chemnitz to Salzburg under cloudy skies and I used the time in the car to sketch on the iPad. Since the landscape flies past the car window faster than I can draw, this is not a … Continue reading

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Water Troubles

Like most Californians, I turn off the water tap while washing my hands, water the yard twice a week and think about saving water. I thought our state was on top of things but of course one of the benefits … Continue reading

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