Eibsee and Bike

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a German Lake in June

Eibsee and Bike

This was probably too ambitious a composition-cloudy sky, mountains, lake, bike, and a bench with a person, but before I leave Bavaria I wanted to have a sketch that shows it all. So, I worked to captures the incredible beauty of the Alps, and its impact on an ordinary person.

I leave Bavaria tomorrow impressed and a bit envious with the way the Germans have made so much of their natural beauty accessible to the ordinary person through a network of busses, trains, trams, bike paths, trails, and well placed services.

This is a 9 X 9-inch gouache sketch on black paper.

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4 Responses to Eibsee and Bike

  1. deb92024 says:

    The painting represents exactly what impressed you about the how nature is accessible in Bavaria. I like the way the bike has been abandoned because the mountains and sky call.

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  2. She says:

    You nailed it!! Oh so GRAND and diverse!

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