Euro 16

Mother and Daughter Watching Euro 16

Mother and Daughter Watching Euro 16

Euro 16, the European soccer championship games that take place every four years, started today with a game between France and Romania. Euro 16 opened with some commentary by sportscasters and our hosts listened, sitting on the same chair, bathed in the evening light. I noticed how similar their profiles are, how their facial expressions matched, and how comfortable they were sitting together on the chair and its armrest. I worked to capture this in this sketch by keeping the background and their clothing simple so the viewer’s focus would stay on their faces.

As the game heated up I was unable to sketch because the game was unbelievably tense and I could not shift my attention from it. Had I been able to, I might have captured hope, fear, despair, joy and jubilation.

This is a Procreate sketch.




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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great pic and one that a Mom and daughter would treasure forever

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