Debate Sketch Revised

Debate Sketch Revised

Debate Sketch Revised

I wanted to improve yesterday’s sketch. In it both of the debaters appear too thin. I did catch a bit of Donald Trump’s peevishness, but did not convey Hillary Clinton’s air of confident readiness.  But what really bothered me was that although one of my my goals for sketching is to communicate with image, yesterday’s sketch did not clearly indicate which candidate I will be voting for.

Today I worked to address these issues. I added color and took out some of the stronger lines and shading. Sadly, I diluted the skeptical look on Hillary’s face as she listened to Donald, but perhaps on October 9 I can try again.

I imported yesterday’s charcoal sketch into Procreate where I made all the changes.

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2 Responses to Debate Sketch Revised

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Looks like what I saw. Good

    Sent from my iPhone



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