A Third Attempt to Get the Debate Sketch Right

A Third Attempt at the Debate Sketch

A Third Attempt at the Debate Sketch

Monday night I sketched the presidential debate in charcoal and on Tuesday I worked in Procreate to improve the sketch. My cousin Ann commented on the second sketch, “Like it but I’d put him further back on the right and have her front and center.” 

It was an awesome suggestion and I used Procreate to alter their relative sizes and make a few other changes to this third sketch of the debaters. I got to thinking that for me it is the terrible hateful things Donald Trump says about our fellow human beings that diminish him and box him in. I wondered if I could show this idea visually. The first two sketches have him with a closed mouth but I altered this third sketch so it looks like his mouth is open and then shaded the background area around him to look like a box. I am not sure this meaning leaps off the page or anything but it was interesting to give it a try.

The more I read about reactions to the debate, the more impressed I was with Hillary’s tenacity and spunk. I strengthened Hillary’s expression- her backward glance, wry smile, lifted chin, and bright face-because this body language not only suggests that she had a plan, but it better shows that she was pleased with how her plan was turning out.




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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Looks just like them

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