Sunday Morning at Tuna Park

Sunday Morning at Tuna Park

Sunday Morning at Tuna Park

The San Diego Urban Sketchers met at Tuna Park Sunday morning. We shared the venue with tourists, all of us enjoying the gorgeous weather, the sculpture Unconditional Surrender, and the USS Midway aircraft carrier.

I really got into sketching the tourists but was vexed because my sketch did not show depth, that is, it was very flat. Usually objects in the foreground are larger than those in the middle and back but the scale of the huge statue and the aircraft carrier sent a confusing message. Additionally, it was a very clear day with very little fog and usually depth is shown by making the background more fuzzy than the foreground. I went home and tried various possibilities, eventually going with additional atmosphere in the background.

This is a charcoal, pen, and watercolor sketch on watercolor paper. I used Procreate and Snapseed to add the atmosphere.

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1 Response to Sunday Morning at Tuna Park

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great setting. Bet it is difficult when subjects are on the move

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