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Chart of my Gouache Paints

I bought my gouache paints haphazardly, first a small mixing set, then a few individual tubes and finally a set of 18 small tubes. In all I ended up with 37 different tubes, some so similar to each other that … Continue reading

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Afternoon Connection

I am especially drawn to sketching people as they connect with each other. As I waited for a friend this afternoon I was caught by what looked to me like the body language of stressful reflection and sympathetic listening. The … Continue reading

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Hillside Path

Yesterday I was looking for a subject so I could practice applying flat color with a single brushstroke. There is a corner of our hillside yard that is shaded in the afternoon but also gets some rays of sunlight through a wooden … Continue reading

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At the Park

I went over to Spanish Village today and got a few line and watercolor sketches. I liked the way this man was sitting with his foot up while he looked at his phone and had fun exaggerating it a bit. … Continue reading

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Sketch on Tinted Paper

Today our figure drawing class continued to work on portraits. There were six models so we were able to get up close. I chose this particular model as her facial expression and posture are so lovely and the textures in her … Continue reading

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Palm Trees over a Parking Lot

I sat in my favorite parking lot towards the end of the day and sketched this scene, thinking hard about how to use color to show what I was seeing. Mort of this is done with Quinacridone Rose, Yellow Ochre, … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning at Tuna Park

The San Diego Urban Sketchers met at Tuna Park Sunday morning. We shared the venue with tourists, all of us enjoying the gorgeous weather, the sculpture Unconditional Surrender, and the USS Midway aircraft carrier. I really got into sketching the tourists but was vexed because my … Continue reading

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