Sketch on Tinted Paper

Sketch on Tinted Paper

Sketch on Tinted Paper

Today our figure drawing class continued to work on portraits. There were six models so we were able to get up close. I chose this particular model as her facial expression and posture are so lovely and the textures in her hair and shirt were challenging.

I used a strongly tinted pastel paper and was uncertain about how to use it along with the pastels to show the lighter and darker parts of the sketch. I began with a contour drawing with a fine point pen. Then when I added the pastels the drawing disappeared so I went back with a sharpie and strengthened some of the lines. I mostly let the tinted paper show skin color but feel I could do more with it. This week I hope to do a few more sketches along this same line in order to learn how to use this medium.

This is a pen and pastel sketch on pastel paper.

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