Day 4 of ‘One Week 100 People’


I began the day sitting in the waiting room of a car dealership while my car got its 80,000 mile maintenance. While not as delightful an experience as yesterday’s live sketching at the opera, it was a great way to start in on my sketches for the ‘OneWeek 100 People‘ challenge. Five sketches and eleven people made for a good start to the day.

It was my car’s day for pampering and I next took it to the car wash for a proper cleaning. As I waited I drew three sketches and seven more people.

My husband falling asleep at his computer was my final sketch of the day. This sketch gets me to 81 people for the first four days of this week. Tomorrow I head to the zoo where I will work on capturing 19 more people.

These sketches are made using pen, watercolor and gouache.

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