Final Day of the ‘One Week 100 People’ Challenge

I set off for the zoo today to draw people, not animals, and while there got to my 100th person for the One Week 100 People  challenge, hooray! Most of the sketches of people at the zoo are actually composite people, drawn from the head of one person, the shoulders of a second and so on, because my subjects kept moving. In the evening when I drew two more sketches of dinner guests, none of which are composite people, I appreciated how much easier it is to draw stationary individuals.

The biggest challenge of drawing 100 people in 5 days was finding the time to do it, which I did by not being too fussy. Most of my 100 people are done in ink because its permanency saves me from the kind of perfectionism that pencil and erasure brings out in me. I did add some minimal context to most of the sketches, even though it takes longer, because the context helps tell the story of what I was seeing.

My biggest learning was realizing that I can see and draw shapes now in addition to drawing lines. For instance, instead of drawing a line showing a profile, I draw a head shape that includes the profile, instead of the edge of someone’s shoulder, I draw a shirt shape and so on. This is a big step forward for me and is helpful for capturing movement, gestures and posture.

There is so much inspiring art from the other participants. If you do a search using the hash tag #OneWeek100People2017 you can see some awesome work in a wide variety of media, including  paint, markers, and charcoal. Seeing these examples makes me think that learning to draw with paint and brush will be a good stretch goal for me.


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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Wow. You did it!

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