More Flowers in a Vase

More Flowers in a Vase

More Flowers in a Vase

I picked up today where I left off yesterday, painting flowers in a vase. The vase is in the same place on my desk but this time I painted with gouache on black paper, not with transparent watercolor on white paper as I did yesterday.

As I worked I compared the two mediums. I notice that it is easier for me to control my brushwork with the gouache and that the color is more intense, especially the blues and greens. However, the variation within a color is much more interesting with the watercolor. I should try both mediums together and see what is possible.

I did not use Procreate on today’s sketch. Perhaps tomorrow I will.

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2 Responses to More Flowers in a Vase

  1. Sheila says:

    And that is what I love about Gouache on black paper……. the drama and intensity – it feeds my need for color – especially when it flows from YOUR brush! Wonderful Sarah.


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