Day 3 at the Conference

The Body Language of Listening  by Sarah SUllivan

The Body Language of Listening

Teacher and Learners by Sarah Sullivan

Teacher and Learners

Teacher and Learners II by Sarah Sullivan

Teacher and Learners II


Today is the third day of the conference and basic pen drawings are all the sketching I can fit in. While I miss using color, I do enjoy just quickly jotting down what I see. 

These three sketches today show the body language of people who are trying to make sense of complex ideas. The learners have static positions as though they are conserving energy for thinking. Many of their expressions have taken on the slack open expressions of people who are absorbing new concepts. 

Teachers often seem to hold ideas in their hands and wave the ideas about as they metaphorically examine them from multiple viewpoints.  I did not capture this in the second sketch but think I came close in the third.

I drew these on an iPad using Procreate and used Snapseed to add the frames around each sketch.

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