A Vase for June Flowers

A Vase for June Flowers

A Vase for June Flowers

Today’s sketch is a variant of yesterday’s. It is a sketch of the same bouquet but with some of the leaves removed. This time I wanted to make the vase more transparent and used highly diluted paint for most of it, leaving some more opaque portions for contrast.

I also continued painting without first making a drawing and felt much more comfortable with the process. It is interesting that the diluted paint dries with an edge that resembles a line.

This is a gouache sketch on Derwent black paper.

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3 Responses to A Vase for June Flowers

  1. bev Barrett says:

    pretty I just put up a similar vase


  2. Charlie Jaffe says:

    absolutely gorgeous!


  3. Sheila Polk says:

    Que Hermosa! Me gusta muchisimo!


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