Discussion at the Fire Pit

Discussion at the Fire Pit

Discussion at the Fire Pit

This is the unfinished sketch from yesterday with gouache added today.  By the time I finished today I had unintentionally changed the mood of the sketch from upbeat to tense. The figure on the right now has his lips pursed and is looking down a bit grimly at an equation, the other is listening for the solution, perhaps showing a bit of a tired worry across his face as he waits.

This is a pastel and gouache sketch with the colors lightened a bit with Snapsead.

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4 Responses to Discussion at the Fire Pit

  1. AANGEE says:

    I love this. It captures both new and old . The ancient idea of gathering around fire with family.The new fire pits of that design that represent our cultures approach to this ancient ritual. Beautiful!

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  2. tprevey says:

    Wonderful faces, feet and hands, and I enjoy the way the vegetation frames the figures.

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