Annie, Painting Above Inverness

Annie, Painting Above Inverness by Sarah Sullivan

Annie, Painting Above Inverness

I spent three days painting with my cousin, Annie Lewis.  Annie is an accomplished and talented artist whose work can be found at the Door Art Gallery. She is also a tremendously generous teacher.  It was wonderful to paint alongside her and to hear her thoughts about her work and mine. 

Annie has spent her life painting around the Point Reyes Seashore and she knows the conditions and possibilities. She takes the time to do the thinking work and it shows in the quality of the art she creates.  Watching Annie consider the weather and light as she decides on a scene to paint and then seeing her shift into actually painting as she puts down big broad areas of color on a huge sheet of paper was a delight. By the third day I wanted very much to show Annie at work as a plein air painter. This scene is up on a ridge above Inverness and Annie is well into the painting, her eyes still more on the scene she is painting than than on the painting itself. 

This is a gouache and pastel painting on 16 x 22 inch black Derwent paper. 

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