End of the Last Day of the Workshop

Sketch of 3 academics as they review the workshop they just led by Sarah Sullivan

End of the Last Day of the Workshop

I sketched these three lifelong colleagues two weeks ago on July 17 at the start of the workshop they were organizing together. Their workshop ends today and they are in the same living room sharing some last thoughts. Sketching them again was a perfect way to end these two weeks for me. I have enjoyed watching their interactions and hearing their talk because of its undertones of friendship, common purpose, and high expectations. 

I focused on showing through their body language how comfortable they are with each other as they converse. The relaxed posture and gazes as they look at each other show  a willingness to hear and be heard.  And, as in the July 17 sketch, I also show how tired they are, which is what happens when people work hard together on common goals.

On the July 17 sketch I used a gel pen; today I used pencil which was a mistake because it was too faint to reproduce well. The pencil sketch is on a 14 X 17 inch white drawing paper. Using iPhoto I was able to darken it and then import it to Procreate where I added color. 

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2 Responses to End of the Last Day of the Workshop

  1. diane sullivan says:

    Sally, we are leaving today and returning Wed. I think. I love following your adventures through your drawings.

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