Another Meadow

Sketch of a Telluride ski slope meadow by Sarah Sullivan

Another Meadow

This is another sketch which, like yesterday’s, is mostly about learning to paint meadows. However, this one is painted from a photo because by the time I got up to where this meadow is on the Telluride ski slopes it was raining pretty hard. Overall, I like the composition and the grass in the foreground, although I wish I had left more of the black paper showing. I think with some work on the mid-ground area that I could get a sketch I would be pleased with. 

I am pretty sure this is the meadow I want to paint for my final large painting before leaving Colorado. The weather report tells us that it will dry out on Tuesday or Wednesday so I am hoping to climb back up and spend the day there.

This is a a gouache and pastel sketch on a 5 X 8 inch Moleskine black paper sketchbook. 

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4 Responses to Another Meadow

  1. tprevey says:

    It’s beautiful and makes me want to be there!


  2. Yamuna says:

    Love your work. How long did it take you to paint this?


    • Thank you, I looked at your work and like yours too. Interestingly, I have sketched in many of the places you blog about. Most of my sketches take between one and two hours. Before I start though, I usually spend 15 minutes or so thinking by making thumbnail sketches of the big shapes and how the light will fall. I usually use pastel for the planning part.

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