Gouache and Procreate Sketch of a pumpkin by Sarah Sullivan


Procreate, an art app for the iPad, recently had a major update and I thought that it might be fun to work in it this evening.

After sketching a pumpkin on black paper with a white pastel pencil and gouache, I imported it into Procreate. I duplicated the image and added a smaller version of it on the right. I went back to the large image and altered it by recoloring the shadow areas, emphasizing textures and adding the foreground and background.

Now as I look at this blend of traditional and new methods, I wonder what my last few sketches might look like if I were to alter them using Procreate.



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3 Responses to Pumpkin

  1. Alana says:

    You are so talented! You bring sunshine and interest with each post.I long to have one of your sketches to frame and put in my home.love Alana

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  2. Sheila greer says:

    Nice, Sarah! Love the fabulous shapes that together make a pumpkin! The color combos and the textures are amazing. Did you do the texture with procreate, it is highly effective. Only problem with images PRINTED from ProCreate is that they seem flat, are are missing something that an original hand painted has. But then I am only making this observation from seeing ONE artist attempt it. I have faith in YOU and your Artistic Adventuring Soul!


    • Hi Sheila,
      I see what you mean about the flatness, but that could be from me not really knowing how to use the app. I explored Procreate more today and made changes to two of my recent sketches. It is a very interesting app. Thank you for your support and kind words!


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