Editing Sketches with Apps

Editing Sketches by Sarah Sullivan made with traditional media with Apps on the iPad

Editing Sketches with Apps

This was an interesting afternoon. I went back and edited some of my sketches from the week with Procreate, Snapseed and Photos, all apps on my iPad.

In the sketch above I adjusted the tables in front of the two figures by using Procreate to enlarge two tables, add in an extra table and change the color of the tables as well. I made the man look more pleasant using Procreate and the background more cheerful with Snapseed and Photos. For comparison, the original October 5 sketch, which I painted using gouache, is just below on the left and an another edited sketch which I felt was too dark is on the right.


The large elephant below is from October 4. At the same time I also sketched a small child as she looked at the elephant but did not like her legs and especially did not like the way the elephant seemed small. This sketch is below on the right. Since I usually post my favorite sketch if I do more than one, the large elephant won out.

Today with Procreate, I was able to adjusted the elephant so he filled the screen. Then I selected the girl and some of the fence and put them in the lower corner of  the page, giving a better impression of their relative sizes.


On Friday I posted a gouache sketch of a hallway, which is the larger of the three sketches below. With Snapseed today I wa able to brighten up the sketch and with Procreate I was able to alter the colors. I prefer the original of these but it was instructive to consider the possibilities.

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2 Responses to Editing Sketches with Apps

  1. tprevey says:

    It is so interesting to see how you analyze and edit your sketches using various apps!


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