A Perplexing Result

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of two people discussing A Perplexing Result

A Perplexing Result

In theory, collaboration sounds like a sweet and collegial process, but in practice, it can be quite heated. I have been listening to these two work out ideas together for more than 30 years and am still amazed at their intensity. It is impressive how much emotion an equation, line of code, or perplexing result can engender.

This week I am working on making my opinion or curiosity about what I see more explicit. I began this sketch with the two figures who were in the same room as me, drawing on what I could see. But I wanted to show what they sound like and so I made many changes to their position, the furniture and especially the color.

I twisted the figure on the left, making him peer into the speaker’s face to show that he wanted to understand the speaker’s claims. The speaker’s mouth is exaggerated to show his ownership of the idea.  The red background behind the men was added to convey emotion and the tablecloth to suggest the flow of ideas.

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