San Diego Bay

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of the San Diego Bay

Looking Down the San Diego Bay towards the Coronado Bridge

It was a gorgeous morning and I painted with the San Diego Watercolor Society’s Wednesday Painters. We were at Seaport Village looking out on the San Diego Bay. This view has the Coronado Bridge in the background. The tide was moving and although the color was flat you could see lots of movement in the water.

I have been looking at Emily Carr’s paintings since Saturday. She mostly painted along the Canadian Northwest Coast and her brush strokes infuse her paintings with movement.  I think I already see her influence on my work, especially in the movement of the waves and sky,  but also in the feeling of cold, which it was not.

I like this painting but wonder if it might be better if I crop it between the bridge and the bay.

This is a 12 X 12- inch gouache sketch.


Here is how I think one reader thinks it could be cropped.



And here is what I was considering doing.



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3 Responses to San Diego Bay

  1. petersalamon says:

    Yeah, crop off the bottom third.

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  2. deb92024 says:

    I’d let it be. There is a mysterious quality to it, not everything has to be clear.

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