Looking Downward

This morning I worked on figure drawing at a nearby open studio. I like this one because I caught his dejected look.

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6 Responses to Looking Downward

  1. I like the lines in this, one long line really. And the colors!


  2. Emma Cownie says:

    That mouth – its very expressive!


    • Emma, Are people allowed to make comments on your blog? I also live in a university neighborhood and want you to know how strongly and positively I am responding to your paintings on this subject.

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      • Emma Cownie says:

        Thank you, Sarah. I welcome comments on any aspect of my blogs (after all, I don’t just blog about my paintings). Where do you live? What’s the local council attitude to the expansion of student housing where you are? Does the university deal effectively with antisocial behaviour? I think that this is a big issue all over the UK and N. Ireland.


      • I live in San Diego Californa, at the foot of a 35,000 student university. Housing is tough for the students, expensive and scarce. That means they end up squeezing more people than our housing code allows into homes intended for a single family. There are restrictions in place and constant construction but growth exceeds supply. We have noise and parking restrictions that help and most of the students make an effort to be good neighbors. Our neighborhood police are visible in the evenings and that helps too. I love living so close to the college, there are many amenities that compensate for the unpleasant parts.

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      • Emma Cownie says:

        Thank you Sarah – That’s so interesting because I was under the impression (wrongly I see) that students in the USA all lived on campus. Perhaps, I got that from films like “Pitch Perfect” which is not a documentary!!! Nice to see that the students make an effort to be good neighbours in San Diego and the police support positive community relations. Unfortunately where I live the University dominates the town politically and the local authorities and community police do little to check anti-social behaviour. Most of the students are fine but a significant minority think it’s their right to make a much noise as they like and party because this is a “student area”. Its not. There are two student campuses, but where I live is a residential area that has become swamped by houses full of students. I used to like living close to the university because there was a diverse population, two beautiful parks, shops I could walk to and the beach less than 10 minutes away.


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