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Eating at the Isla de las Piedras

Yesterday we walked over to the harbor and then took a water taxi to Isla de las Piedras (Stone Island). The island is really a peninsula with a long sandy beach, gentle swimming, and casual restaurants. We walked, swam, sat, … Continue reading

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Looking Downward

This morning I worked on figure drawing at a nearby open studio. I like this one because I caught his dejected look.

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First Try On The Rise

Today we drove about 50 miles to Telluride Colorado where I will be sketching while my husband works here for the the next four weeks. What with breaking down our old campsite and moving into the rental here I never … Continue reading

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View From Our Campsite

All week I have been enjoying the view of the forest and road from our campsite. While not as spectacular as the meadow, I love the way the trees disappear into the dark green of the forest and decided it … Continue reading

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Two Listeners 

This morning before leaving Chicago we stopped for a working breakfast with a lifelong friend. First we ate and caught up on our news and then I sketched while they worked a bit. I was looking forward to this sketch … Continue reading

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Along a Petaluma Path

  This sketch is more of a record of a few hours than a sketch of a specific time. I started this sketch along a path outside of Petaluma California early this morning when the skies were gray and there … Continue reading

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Flowers in a Vase

I kept working on flowers today, which was really about working on color, line, harmony and contrast. It was a lot to think about and I took several photos of the sketch as I worked on it. As you can see, it … Continue reading

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Home Again

No matter how wonderful the trip, it is always good to come back home again.  Sometimes I avoid laundry but after two weeks in a suitcase it is a pleasure to sort through and get everything clean and back in … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Kauai

  What better way to start the day than to sketch with pen and watercolor? Especially a sketch of breakfast in a cheerful kitchen with a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and the Kauai landscape? I like this sketch because … Continue reading

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Bev Makes Dinner

It is so much fun to try to capture a lively scene. My friend Bev moves around her busy Hawaiian kitchen with a confidence that inspires my deep admiration. My only complaint is that she never holds still!  I sketched … Continue reading

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