Marching in Mazatlan

Standing for your beliefs is important so when I realized I would be missing San Diego’s Second Women’s March, I felt sad that we committed to these vacation dates back in August. But while down on the beach sketching yesterday, my sister and I saw pink hats on the move down the boardwalk here in Mazatlan, Mexico. We quickly joined in and added our presence to Mazatlan’s Women’s March 2018.

San Diego and Mazatlan are full of people born in Mexico, Canada, and the US, as well as from many other countries. We are an interconnected, international people who benefit culturally and economically from our complex relationships. I look forward to time where we recognize, develop, and celebrate our good fortune in being alive together. We must resist, persist and vote!

I was able to make some 12 x 12-inch line drawings during the speeches and then this morning I added gouache paint.

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5 Responses to Marching in Mazatlan

  1. tprevey says:

    Mazatlán is definitely the “fun” side of the wall!

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  2. jmnowak says:

    I agree with the last two sentences of the next to last paragraph. Or, as I have put it for many decades, it’s an extremely shortsighted society that ignores the creativity and vision of 51% of the population, being the women. Empowering and encouraging that bank of talent can only benefit all of society, as we’re all in this together. If you don’t, well, Nature’s way will be to destroy you. Do you really want that?
    PS: I’ve made a further response to yours on my post #920. It probably won’t appear in your Conversations stream as the limit on number of replies had been reached. I must increase that! 😏

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