Sunset along the Canyon Edge

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of a Canyon Sunset

Sunset along the Canyon Edge

We are camping on my brother’s land in the Colorado San Juan Mountains. I look forward to our annual family reunion here for many reasons, including the chance to paint this dramatic landscape. This week the skies in western Colorado are hazy with smoke from all the forest fires throughout the southwest, and hazy skies can make for spectacular sunsets. I really like how the evening sun illuminates parts of the landscape and dramatized the effect with this abstract plein air painting.

This painting is on a white quarter sheet of watercolor paper with a base coat of black watercolor ground. It gives a rough texture and allows the black to show through the gouache.

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6 Responses to Sunset along the Canyon Edge

  1. AANGEE says:


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  2. She says:

    My NEW FAV!! Love the warms and cools and the beautiful golden hued highlights, with the dramatic thrusts of dark value in the tree trunks. It looks like a stained glass window! We miss you!!!

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  3. Emma Louise says:

    Great job capturing the lighting!

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