Along the Galloping Goose Trail

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of the vista along  the Galloping Goose Trail

Along the Galloping Goose Trail

Among the many gorgeous trails in the Telluride area is the Galloping Goose. It was built along the old railroad tracks and descends down through aspen, fur, and flowers, from Telluride to Illium. It was a perfect choice for my last biking/painting trip in this area. Although I tried to include too much onto my small 12 X 12 sketchbook, I still like this sketch because it captures the winding path, its vertical drop, and the distant mountains.

This is a 12 X 12-inch gouache sketch.

Here is a photo of my Telluride set-up for plein air painting. It is about 10 pounds of equipment, including water, and works for both hiking and biking. The large rock that served as a table was a much appreciated bonus.

Plein Air Painting by Bike along the Galloping Goose Trail.

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6 Responses to Along the Galloping Goose Trail

  1. Sheila Greer says:

    Wonderful!!! Love the set up, the view, the ROCK and the end result, ie painting. Wooo Hoo!

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  2. AANGEE says:

    So beautiful! You are such a wonderful artist! You bring such joy and provoke such thoughts with your art. Thankyou

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  3. Karen Reichhardt says:

    Really fun. We are in PHX for the month. Will you be coming through this way on the way back?

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