Søndersø Moment

Søndersø Moment

After a very social weekend, it felt good to walk over to Søndersø, a small lake north of Copenhagen, and paint for the day. I found a bench near a swimming beach and spread out my gear.

The sunlight and clouds on the water was challenging and I was on my third try at it when an elderly woman walked out on the dock and stayed long enough for me to draw her into the picture. I liked the way she held onto the rail and soaked the view in. She seemed to appreciate it deeply and I wanted to capture that feeling in this sketch.

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5 Responses to Søndersø Moment

  1. She says:

    Absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!!

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  2. hootiebirdsartjournal says:

    What a lovely moment! If the woman knew you did that I bet she would love to have that painting to remember the moment by.

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    • I would love to give it to her, odd how much impact a chance moment can have on another person. I’ll bet from the way that she soaked in the view that she goes there often. Thank you Hootiebird for your comment!

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  4. Karen Reichhardt says:

    Love your Denmark paintings.

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