More Sunshine on a Patio

I love the mix of light and shade as it falls on a landscape. Something unexpected about sheltering-in-place has been how much more time I have to admire it. Now I am trying my hand at showing what it looks like mid-mornings on my patio.

This sketch is similar to yesterday’s. But this one has a stronger diagonal with more space in the foreground to show the interplay of light and dark on the patio floor. The shadow is bluer, the plants are brighter, and the wooden table’s angle is changed to feature the edges of the slats.

This is a 13 x 13 gouache sketch on black Bristol board.

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6 Responses to More Sunshine on a Patio

  1. Sheila S. Polk says:

    I like this one!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a great painting. I really like the shadows on the paving slabs . I’ve had more time to study the garden too – especially the signs of Spring, the camelia flowers and the crab-apple blossom at the moment.

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  3. tprevey says:

    Wow! Love the pattern and contrast between light and shadow.

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