A Neighbor Dropped by for Coffee

I was beginning on the third version of ‘Sunshine on a Patio’. This time I wanted to paint it with a bright orange coffee mug for a focal point. I planned to feature the sunlight on the top of the table by bringing the table closer to the bottom edge of the paper.

My neighbor’s cat, who has not been sheltering in place at all, came by and hopped up on the table. After deciding against drinking my coffee, he moved on. I was not quick enough to get a photo of him with my orange mug, but I did get one as he walked along the patio wall. I loved the new composition and got right to work on it.

This is a 13 x 13-inch gouache sketch.

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4 Responses to A Neighbor Dropped by for Coffee

  1. Anna says:

    I love this image — the cat’s [not being stopped at the edges of other peoples’ territory] is somehow more striking by contrast with stay in place orders. “Friendly” and “curious about someone else’s coffee” are somehow neighbors in my head. The orange as focus of attention makes it easier for me to be in the cat’s flow of attention.

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  2. margarethallfineart says:

    I like the careful placing of the mug as focal point just where it adds to the story . Very nicely done !

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