Last Zoom Figure Drawing of 2020

As usual, I sketched on Zoom with the Fresno group this Tuesday evening. The model was great, he dug up a costume from the 70’s that included bell bottoms and platform shoes. It was so authentic that at one point someone put on the BeeGees for background music.

Despite the great outfit, my first sketch was tight and awkward, so I abandoned it and started this second one. I focused only on his face, made some lines with red pastel chalk, and liked how the lines contrasted with the pink face.

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2 Responses to Last Zoom Figure Drawing of 2020

  1. Beverly Barrett says:


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  2. Sheila Greer says:

    You are right about the red face lines!! Also, hands are so hard to do, and you succeeded!

    I adore the neutral upper left background! So dimensional!
    Nice line work, Sarah!

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