The Six- Friends Sketch

I was on Zoom with six friends from our critique group. I began to sketch one of them as she was focused on by the computer software. Soon another friend began to speak and the software shifted its focus to her. I continued sketching, using the second friend as inspiration, but the focus shifted again. And so it went until our session was over and I had this amalgam sketch of all six friends.

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9 Responses to The Six- Friends Sketch

  1. I think you did this before? I’m glad to see another. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I love meeting the combo of your group this way.

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  2. Actually, it is a bit like your fabulous combo photo work.


  3. barbara says:

    oh my gosh!!!!! you are amazing………….that may be my blue tank top and the dark eye circles totally me………..I need my laffing face emoji here.. i love our group!

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  4. Beverly Barrett says:

    Good idea!’

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  5. She says:

    Ha! Great idea! Looks like – Barb???

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