A Redo of Homework under a Tree

Yesterday evening I posted a sketch, ‘Homework under a Tree,’ a painting with a message about friendships, youth, and spring. This morning, I looked at it again and saw that I got way too much of it wrong. I wanted a sketch about spring, and yesterday’s post looked like the end of summer or autumn. Although I hardly ever make significant changes to paintings after I post them, I had to rework ‘Homework under a Tree.’

What was wrong with the original? First of all, I photographed the original in the evening under artificial light, giving an orange tint to the image. The lovely blues and greens of my sketch were dulled out. But retaking the photo outside, while necessary, would not be sufficient because the colors I used initially were the colors of late summer or autumn. Instead of composing my painting with colors to support my message, I had simply copied what was in front of me, including a bank of old straw reeds that had not yet grown its new spring greenery. I should have made choices that supported my message better.

I think this updated version of ‘Homework under a Tree’ with the reworked foliage, new blouses, and more defined figures conveys a stronger story.

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9 Responses to A Redo of Homework under a Tree

  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Moving to the original. (Are you in Oaxaca already or back?)

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    • I came and went from Oaxaca. Much of my time there was spent in a language school, I am forever trying to improve my Spanish as I would love to read it easily. I wish I had had more time for art.

      Now I am a week through a 6-week visit to Denmark, where my husband is meeting with some lifelong colleagues. This gives me much more time for sketching than I had in Oaxaca. I will have to plan on a trip back to Mexico without dividing my time with a language school.

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      • equinoxio21 says:

        Back and away already? I hope you enjooed Oaxaca’s colours, as Denmark is possibly a bit grey still… (And enjoy Denmark too. A nice place I’ve been to a couple of times on business.)
        Cheers Sarah.


  2. Deb says:

    This feels like it should be artwork for a Children’s story, it’s tender and sweet

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  3. I see what you mean. I like both versions, I think they together have a message of friends together in all seasons.

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  4. She says:

    You definitely achieved you goal in this Springy, light hearted and uplifting piece! I love the whimsical nature you created with color, value, texture and the division of space.

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