Spring Garden Tour

The San Diego Horticulture Society held its 2023 Spring Tour today, and I was honored to be a featured artist in the Shades of Green & Circle Garden in Del Mar, a coastal city north of San Diego.

The garden’s design creates a sense of rest and contemplation. For example, a small yellow table and chair caught my eye because they would suit me perfectly for my morning coffee and journal writing. This first piece, painted before the crowds came, captures this feeling for me.

The garden’s simplicity made it easy to appreciate the plants and features. For example, as you approach the front door, these two pots with agave plants command the viewer’s attention.

As the day progressed, the garden filled with visitors. I enjoyed overhearing the talk of ardent gardeners, and it made me realize that the day was as much about the gardeners as the garden. This last piece is a sketch of people milling about as they enjoyed their gardenly discussions.

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4 Responses to Spring Garden Tour

  1. deb92024 says:

    I particularly like the first piece. Can’t believe we missed you, we only made it to nine gardens and yours was the one we didn’t have time for 😕


  2. What lovely images and with them and your accompanying words capture the joy of gardening.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats for being the featured Artist! David and I have not visited this site that we can remember but hope to do so next time we are back. I love the table and chairs painting and want to sit there for awhile. Like you, I’d need to have coffee.

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