On the Fourth Afternoon They Rested

We have been delighted to have three generations of my husband’s cousins in town for their spring break. Despite our rain, they have maintained an ambitious schedule for themselves. They have already been to the zoo, taken the ferry to Coronado Island, visited the ships at the Maritime Museums, enjoyed the Mission Trails Nature Center, played at La Jolla Shores, admired the seals at the Children’s Pool Beach, and stayed up too late playing games and talking with us. But their pace caught up with them this afternoon when they sat on the couch while the six-year-old and I drew. Since I always appreciate models who hold still, I took advantage of their exhaustion and made these three sketches of the cousins on the couch.

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2 Responses to On the Fourth Afternoon They Rested

  1. Beverly K Barrett says:


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  2. I like how you captured the poses and also the variety of color schemes you used.

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