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On the Rocks at Yosemite

My cousin, who is an amazing artist, has been working with gouache on brown paper. She sent me a photo of a recent painting and it was so gorgeous that it caused me to paint the day away on brown … Continue reading

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Flowers above the Sea

I sketched from the top of the cliffs at Torrey Pines Park this morning. Today I focused on a group of dried flowers and had the sea be the background. This is a gouache, pastel pencil, and acrylic marker sketch … Continue reading

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Better Backgrounds

I really enjoy painting the models from our figure drawing group, especially the quick five-minute sketches like the one above. However, I am at a loss for what to do with the rest of the paper, that is, how to … Continue reading

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Colorado River

  The Colorado River is magnificent as it flows through Utah. It is stunning and I worked to capture its beauty in this sketch. Most people know that the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon and is an indispensable source … Continue reading

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Old Friends at Work

My husband and I have been visiting Denmark. One of its attractions is meeting up with our many old friends. The first Dane we ever met was in grad school 1975 and since that time I have often sketched this … Continue reading

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Between Two Trees

Today I continued to try out new surfaces to paint on. This surface is black watercolor grounds applied with a roller. It made for a rough but uniform texture and absorbed the color down into its surface. I painted at Torrey Pines … Continue reading

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High Tide at Torrey Pines

There was such a high tide at Torrey Pines this morning, the lagoon was full of water and very exciting to sketch. In my enthusiasm, I painted over the shoreline and road but like the sketch anyway. Yesterday I prepared a … Continue reading

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